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note from mrs.Yuras

Just wanted to take a minute to tell you what amazing kids you all have. This morning, they arrived in the rain ready to go. They warmed up inside in a totally different manner than usual, then they played the show through in the auditorium, checked on to the buses differently than usual, dragged more stuff than usual on to the buses and were ready, willing and able to go in record time with this incredible collective positive attitude despite the pouring rain. Mr. Bergman received the call from BOA after the kids had boarded the buses and without telling them why, we asked them to come back in to the auditorium. When Chuck announced that that BOA had cancelled their first show in the history of BOA, one student shouted out "Let's go anyway" to which the rest of the kids cheered and clapped. That is the kind of enthusiasm and dedication that makes us happy to be the Chaperone and Trip Coordinators for these Band kids.

I wish everyone had had the opportunity to hear them play their show through in the auditorium this morning also. Directed with intense emotion by Drum Major Chris Smith, they played in the round (Tag Day style) and played so well that they about blew the new roof off of the auditorium. They were truly "on" !!! As the Directors told them, there is no doubt, they would have made the BOA finals.

We would like to thank all the Chaperones, and Pit and Prop Crew parents that came out in the rain and planned to see the day through no matter what. Your dedication and flexibility is truly appreciated.

A few people deserve some extra kudos--Kathy Bentley for meeting the SAT students at 7a.m and gathering all of their belongings and instruments and taking them home and getting them back for the buses; Carol Lavery and Dave Simenauer for spending Friday night at Harris Teeter in the produce department filling the ice chests ( was it 10 of them??), Joanne Skinner for picking up and delivering all of the subs; Jackie Leventhal and Kathy Cookson for accepting their "To Do" lists and planning on taking care of getting the parents, Mr. B and the SAT students up to the show, albeit later; Kenton Waddell for spending the week with his crew trying to figure out how to put a "bib" on the tractor; and Karen Menatti for providing breakfast for the chaperones (surely a first)

We hope to see many of you at the next competition at Raven Stadium on October 29. The kids love to see that sea of red cheering for them in the stands (so do the chaperones and the crew).

Although the day was ruined by the rain, the spirits of the kids were high and in the end, we were all winners.They make our job easier. Please let your kids know how great we really think they are! They are "The Pride of Herndon!"

Sherry Yuras and Beth Czerwinski

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