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Hate me all you want, it's still true

Tonight was a nice show, but we didnt deserve the win. People were out of step, there were several musical tears, the pit stayed together (but not with the band), the closer rushed in spots, the ballad was shakey, so on, so forth. I personally dont care if we win or lose, but most of the rest of the band does. So, I'll say this. Don't be upset if you lose if you don't try to win. If you want to win, earn it. Practice was absolutly TERRIBLE these last few weeks. And frankly, we didnt deserve to win. You think North Penn's practiced sucked that much? You think Green Hope's practice sucked that much?
Then there's the matter of North Penn. To every member of the band who said, "let's beat North Penn" or "I dont care if we get 10th, if North Penn is 11th Im happy" or something along those lines, get your head out of your ass. During my 3 years as a member of the pride of Herndon, every single time we focus on beating one band, we dont only lose to that band, we lose to others as well.
2003-JMU-Chantilly (3rd, 4th or 5th, cant remember)
2004-JMU-Chantilly (4th)
2004-Baltimore-Hickory (2nd in Virginia, 3rd overall, North Penn beat both us and Hickory)
2005-Baltimore-North Penn (3rd)
Don't even try to deny it. If you wanna do well, dont get caught up in the thought of revenge. From where I stood in the band, when NP's score was announced, I could only see 1 other person even clapping. You know what band that reminds me of? Chantilly. Do you wanna be assholes like Chantilly, and celebrate when rivals lose?

You guys need to fucking lighten up. ITS BAND. THAT'S IT. WE LOST, SO WHAT, GET OVER IT. IT WONT ALTER YOUR LIFE IN ANY SIGNIFICANT WAY WHETHER WE WIN OR LOSE. Your not gonna get into a better college cus you beat North Penn. You wont land some high paying job cus you were in a band that won a USSBA show. And, yes, I know what it's like to win something. Im not just speaking from the point of view of a loser. I've been a world champion, and I love the thrill and feeling of being the best. But it's not something to obsess over. You'll end up in more pain when you stumble and fall if you set your goal too high.

Bottom line is:
If band is a ladder, we need to advance up rung by rung. Tonight we tried to reach the top, and we fell to the ground. And that's what we deserved because we didn't go up rung by rung during practice. If our goal is to win, we need to earn it. Now put up, or shut up.
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October 30 2005, 05:29:57 UTC 11 years ago

On the contrary, I agree entierly. We really need to focus on improving the band, not crushing North Penn pr anything like that. The staff needs to stop emphazising how much we deserved to win because we didnt. While its better, its simply not as good as the other shows. We need to stop worrying about the other bands and try to focus on our own show.
yeah North Penn was alot better than you guys, but I think it should have been North Penn, Herndon, Baldwin, and those other guys whose name I can't remember
I agree with people needing to loosen up, I mean do you think North Penn cares about Herndon? probably not, I seriously doubt they're all snug in their beds thinking "ha ha ha we beat Herndon, what suckers"
From what I heard, Green Hope crushed us. At least from what I've heard about their band and their performance, they deserved to beat us. Green Hope is an outstanding band.
Yeah I also agree. I've heard it so many times, let's get back at "Chantily, or Hickory, and now North Penn". We always lose to them cause we are too focused on trying to beat them instead of focusing on what is really important: improving our show. And its true, this entire week of practice sucked. Of course, it would be hypocritical of me to say that i put effort into this weeks practices. No, we are little pussies cause the weather is too cold, and the marching season is coming to an end so our attitudes are all like "oh its almost over anyway, so lets just give up". We have one more show next saturday, if we pull ourselves together, and work on improving our show instead of focusing on rivalry, we may have a shot on actually doing very well. Lol wow its 2 in the fuckin morning, i'm such a loser...
its fine if you say we need to lighten up...but there are somepeople who didnt care at all that we just lost, who werent at all dissapointed-who werent thinking back with dismay on all the lost practices, who infact left the stadium laughing and smiling and stayed that way disrespectfully in the motto and creed. no band isnt life-what the hell difference is that supposed to make? we didnt lose it all-we have a higher score, and we should be proud, people arent proud of the band anymore, that feeling from the beginning of the year where everyone wanted to win, and put their hearts in every performance-thats gone. ive seen it wax and wane over the years, it wasnt ever there since freshman yr, i dont care how we ACTUALLY did, what little dinky competition we had-we were forever proud to be in band. yes we can improve, i just hope that people actually believe that-from what i heard people were throwing in the towel-"theyve beat us twice, guess were just not anygood why dont we face it" kinda stuff-im not giving up
Yes there were mistakes and blatantly obvious mistakes. But that was still probably our best performance to date, but most of the people I talked to felt that they could have done better. Which means if we had given it our all last night we very certainly could have won. Those mistakes that were in teh show are easily fixed if people start cracking down.


Yeah it wont make a difference in our lives but I sure as hell want to fucking win. The fact is this bands biggest problem is that there is a lack of seriousness in their practices and a lack of drive. We need to fucking get serious right now, cuz I and most other people, want to win. Yes we need to inprove our show, yes the way Chuck puts his speeches he down plays how hard we need to work. Yesterday people were complaining that we had to do another run through. That needs to stop right now. If we need to do another run through then we obviously need to work more on something and fix something. People need to stop whining and half-assing their way through rehearsals, get serious and start working. Now.
It's hard for me to understand how serious band is to those who really, truly love it since I am only in colorguard. For me last night's show wasn't good, but thats becuase I only watch colorguard. I know that we could have done so much better and it sucks. I am happy however that we got a 92, that's really good. And if colorguard got above a 90 then Marcus will be happy. To me we have already beaten North Penn. I don't need a stupid trophy telling me that we did. I know it in my heart and thats good enough for me.
I do wish that people would start taking it seriously, I feel that so much in guard. So many people have bad attitudes at practice and even while we're warming up before the show. The one thing I miss about wintergaurd is we were all serious about what we were doing and put all of our effort into our shows. I just don't see that this year.
I really hope that we can go out this weekend, and not even win, but perform the show to the best of our ability. I want everyone to walk off knowing that they left it on the field. There's no better time to have the run of your life, then at your last show.
I *heart* you MC!
Your argument is ironic and pointless. "You guys need to fucking lighten up," well actually why don't you lighten up, you just spent your journal entry saying how bad we were, what we did wrong, and why we failed and then told us to shut up and not to hate you. Looks like its you who needs to get his head out of his ass. You sound like bergman. It is a perfectly fine response to not clap when we lose, its depressing to lose and it isnt fun. Sure we were judged and got third so we obviously deserved it and in the future we should always aim to do our best, not better than others. One night of bad feelings is hardly obsessing over it, your arguing about nothing.
You a perfect example of what I'm talking about. It's not fine not to clap when we lose. You arn't clapping because you lost, your clapping because THEY WON. Your clapping for them, not for yourself. You remember how much it sucked being ridiculed by Chantilly freshman year at JMU didn't you? Well, this is essentially one step short of that.
I spent my entry reciting our mistakes because you guys seem to often overlook them. You just get upset that North Penn beat us. Lighten up, its band. That's all it is. I spent my entry illustrating my point. If we don't deserve to win, don't get upset when we lose. I wasn't upset.
As to obsessing. It wasn't just one night. It was weeks upon weeks. Ever since Villanova the band has dont nothing but obsess over beating North Penn.
No, losing isnt fun, but if you care so much about it, it's a hell of a lot worse. I know firsthand what happens when you become to obsessed with success, it's happened to me in various other activities. And it makes the loss hurt a hell of a lot more, and the win feels no better.
Your argument is not only "pointless" it is false. I never said "don't hate me". In fact, I said, "hate me all you want, it's still true". That's what always seems to happen when I open my mouth about band. One of you "hardcore members" gets angry. Just look at the big picture. It's not the winning that makes being a member of the Pride important and valuable in your life. It's the membership, the bonds, and the effort you put into it. If you only look at the numbers we get at the end of each show, I truly feel sorry for you.
A hard core member? Do you even know who you are talking to? This is Stephen Colie, nice to meet you. Stop saying these things about me, I don't only look at the number at the end of the show and I know what is important about band. Losing makes people feel bad, and I can understand if they don't want to clap. You seem to just trying to get people to argue with you. That is true, you never said "don't hate me."

Could you just, for the sake of clearing up all your jumbled ranting, tell me what your point is exactly and what you are trying to change?
I know who I'm talking to. "The Colie" was kinda a giveaway.
The "hardcore member" was a general reference, not just to you.
My point-stop whining over a loss if you don't deserve a win
change-work ethic and way we approach competitions
If you'll notice, Jessica Luehrs made an entry that in many ways echoes yours, but she managed to say it a heck of a lot nicer. There are better ways to say what you said that don't always provoke a huge argument. You knew you'd get flamed for this the moment you posted it.
Yeah, but do you think people would have actually thought about what I said if I said it kindly? I like to put thing well, bluntly. Im the "bad cop" per say, while Jessica would be the good cop.
Actually, I happen to believe that people would have given your argument a whole lot more credit had you not used such an accusatory and offensive tone. It doesn't seem like you made this entry to make a difference in band, it seems like you made it in order to start an argument.
an argument about what?
Until the last two posters, people, at least in part, had agreed with me. And even still you don't, at least not directly, dis-agree with my message, only my style. Im sorry if you didn't like the way I said it, but that's how I said it cus that's how I felt. There's nothing to argue about. When people said I was wrong when i talked verbally after the show, I asked them to name a time that went against the trends, and they couldnt name a single one.
We need to stop caring about what we're given, and if we win or lose, and start caring about how we actually perform. That's the fundamental change I want installed in how our band approaches competitions.
..." and cut!
Ok well I will add my 2 cents now that i have had some time to look over the video and based on today's practice. I would like to say that it was an OK show, I only say that because in every sense it could have been a lot and i mean a lot better. After watching both versions the one from above looked much better than the one that had close ups. The majority of the errors that occured were stupid. The ones that I picked up were simple things that just should not happen. I saw a few people miss stops, horn positions (no not just the one trumpet), and the sax line in the balled or end of the closer i cant remeber was five yards off and had a split. The split cause for what should have been a box around the band to not be a true box until the line moved over later. Now that mistake may not get picked up by a judge because it was so many people and they fixed it together. Bottom Line is that we managed to get a 92.7 for something that could have been better. I think if we can avoid stupid mistakes that almost never happen (*cough* pit tear *cough*) then our scores can easily jump. Chris told me during practice before we left that it looked good from the box but not as much from the field.