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Our band director whose name I will not utter is the world's second biggest ASSHAT!

ever since my last confrontation with Asshatman after winter break I've been a good boy, I've been relatively quiet, followed instructions, havn't talked back to him, etc, and he hasn't yelled at me practically at all recently.
anyways now to the meat of the story:
for percussion ensemble we were required to create a list of what we play for each song and what mallets/sticks we use. I only play mallets so I was not required to draw a diagram. my list only took up three lines, I let buck, geiger, and charlie use the rest of the paper for their respective lists. I didn't even intend to share the paper at first but hey, save a tree you know it's all good.
but not to Asshatman.
He refused to take my list because it wasn't on a full sheet of paper, he said it was "a personal insult" to him, I wanted to respond with the following "I'm sorry that my environmental conciousness has offended you, maybe you'll be happy when our planet is devoid of life, our water undrinkable, our lands uninhabital" but I didn't, I tried to explain, but he wouldn't let me, as usual, and told me my options were to "be quiet or leave"
I had to almost physically restrain myself from walking out of that room and giving him the finger
but I didn't
he wants me to rewrite it on a full sheet of paper by monday
I am going to use that whole fucking paper, front and back, to write what I previously fit onto 3 lines, which is alot more respectful than what I really want to do, fill up a full page with the words "FUCK YOU"
my interest in music was almost destroyed by the only asshat bigger than him, and I've managed to fall in love with music again, but he seems to be trying hard to stomp that out
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