lil_lavery (lil_lavery) wrote in hhs_band,

Hate me all you want, it's still true

Tonight was a nice show, but we didnt deserve the win. People were out of step, there were several musical tears, the pit stayed together (but not with the band), the closer rushed in spots, the ballad was shakey, so on, so forth. I personally dont care if we win or lose, but most of the rest of the band does. So, I'll say this. Don't be upset if you lose if you don't try to win. If you want to win, earn it. Practice was absolutly TERRIBLE these last few weeks. And frankly, we didnt deserve to win. You think North Penn's practiced sucked that much? You think Green Hope's practice sucked that much?
Then there's the matter of North Penn. To every member of the band who said, "let's beat North Penn" or "I dont care if we get 10th, if North Penn is 11th Im happy" or something along those lines, get your head out of your ass. During my 3 years as a member of the pride of Herndon, every single time we focus on beating one band, we dont only lose to that band, we lose to others as well.
2003-JMU-Chantilly (3rd, 4th or 5th, cant remember)
2004-JMU-Chantilly (4th)
2004-Baltimore-Hickory (2nd in Virginia, 3rd overall, North Penn beat both us and Hickory)
2005-Baltimore-North Penn (3rd)
Don't even try to deny it. If you wanna do well, dont get caught up in the thought of revenge. From where I stood in the band, when NP's score was announced, I could only see 1 other person even clapping. You know what band that reminds me of? Chantilly. Do you wanna be assholes like Chantilly, and celebrate when rivals lose?

You guys need to fucking lighten up. ITS BAND. THAT'S IT. WE LOST, SO WHAT, GET OVER IT. IT WONT ALTER YOUR LIFE IN ANY SIGNIFICANT WAY WHETHER WE WIN OR LOSE. Your not gonna get into a better college cus you beat North Penn. You wont land some high paying job cus you were in a band that won a USSBA show. And, yes, I know what it's like to win something. Im not just speaking from the point of view of a loser. I've been a world champion, and I love the thrill and feeling of being the best. But it's not something to obsess over. You'll end up in more pain when you stumble and fall if you set your goal too high.

Bottom line is:
If band is a ladder, we need to advance up rung by rung. Tonight we tried to reach the top, and we fell to the ground. And that's what we deserved because we didn't go up rung by rung during practice. If our goal is to win, we need to earn it. Now put up, or shut up.
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